AOL Mail

AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail is free of cost email service providing its users with ultimate and safe email experience. This service will help you in enhancing your mailing experience. You will get the access to  AOL calendar, create and use folders, organize your mail, etc after signing in to your AOL account. For AOL Mail Login, you must have an AOL account. In order to create and sign in, follow the processes given below.  

Aol Mail Login

Procedure To Create An AOL Mail Account 

  1. The first step of the account creation process is to access a web browser on your system. Click the icon of the preferred web browser from the desktop or the system tray. 
  2. Then, proceed to the AOL official website. For reaching the official website, enter “” in the address bar. 
  3. In the next window i.e. the home page of AOL, you have to press the “Login/Join” link. You will get this on the upper-right corner of the screen. 
  4. This will redirect you to the AOL Mail Login webpage. 
  5. Here, you have to tap the “Create Account” button which is on the lower-left corner of the screen. 
  6. Now, you will reach the account creation window. Here you have to enter all your profile information that is needed for the AOL Mail account. In the initial tabs, enter your first and last name.  
  7. Further, enter the email address that you want to link with your AOL account.
  8. After that, you have to create a password for your AOL account. The password you create will work as a protection for your account from unauthorized access. Hence, the password you create must be strong and distinctive but easy to remember. 
  9. Then, enter the mobile number that you can access. This number will be used by AOL for sending you the verification code. 
  10. Next, provide your Birth Date. For this, select the month by clicking the inverted triangle and then, enter day and year in their respective fields. 
  11. In the last field, you can provide your Gender, if you wish to. However, this is an optional step and so, you can leave the box empty. 
  12. After providing all the information, AOL asks you to read the  Terms and Privacy Policy documents before you proceed further. This is required because, on confirming the process, AOL will consider that you have read the document and accept it. Access the document by clicking their respective links.  
  13. After reading, return back the account creation window and press the “Continue” tab. 
  14. In the next window, you are asked to verify your account. In order to verify, click the “Text Me A Verification Code” tab. Clicking this will permit the AOL to send you the verification code. 
  15. Now, access the mobile number that you have provided and open the message containing the code.
  16. Further, enter the code in the empty field and select the “Verify” tab. 
  17. After the completion of the process, the Confirmation message screen will appear. Click the “Continue” tab to end this process. 
  18. By doing so, your account will successfully get verified. Now, you sign in to it and use it for its ultimate features and offerings. 

Procedure For Mail Login

  1. Open a web browser on your device
  2. Move to the AOL Mail Login window. For this, you have to enter “ in the address bar of your browser. 
  3. In the account login window, you first have to enter the email address that you have linked with your AOL account. 
  4. After entering, AOL offers you to remain signed in and save your time of entering the credentials every time you follow the AOL Mail Login process. For opting this option, you have to tick mark the checkbox provided beside the “Stay Signed In” option. This option is not recommended using a shared computer. 
  5. Once you are done with this, press the “Next” button. 
  6. Thereafter, you are required to reach your account by providing the password in the required field. Carefully enter your password as it is case-sensitive and even a single mistake will show the error. Also, click the Eye shape icon to view the password you have entered. This is located on the right-hand corner of the screen.  
  7. Now, conclude the process and redirect to your AOL account by tapping the “Sign In” button. 
  8. This is how you can successfully complete the AOL Mail Login procedure.